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Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) FAQ

Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) FAQ


What is the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI)?
The MICI, sponsored by The MarkeTechGroup LLC and AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management, is an online survey of radiology department managers. The survey assesses their confidence in market conditions for each quarter. The goal is to capture a statistical index and industry outlook in regard to costs, revenues, purchasing and growth.

Who are the panel participants?
The MICI panel is a group of imagePRO panel members from around the country who represent different hospital sizes and geographic locations. ImagePRO was created by The MarkeTech Group to provide a professional community for imaging administrators to participate in studies about imaging technology. Among the 153 participants, 44 percent represent hospitals with fewer than 100 beds; 37 percent represent 100 to 299 beds, and 19 percent represent 300 or more beds.

How is the panel representative of the community?
Because of how the longitudinal index culls responses from a statistical cohort of participants, the index is considered a sophisticated scientific measure and reliable gauge of the industry outlook, according to index developers. Participants were recruited by region and number of beds to reflect known AHRA incidence. There was some weighting (10 percent) to ensure the index reflects the market and the results are valid.

For each topic, the index posed this statement: "Over the next three months, I am very optimistic that our department ..." Scores measure their level of confidence (from extremely low to extremely high). Every quarter, the same participants are asked the same questions.

What do the scores mean?
The scores measure the level of confidence, and range from 0 to 200:
·         Below 50 is extremely low confidence
·         50 to 69 is very low confidence
·         70 to 89 is low confidence
·         90 to 110 is ambivalent
·         111 to 130 is high confidence
·         131 to 150 is very high confidence
·         Above 150 is extremely high confidence

What are the results of the initial surveys for 2011?
Click here for results from the first quarter (January to March, second quarter (April to June), third quarter (July to September), and fourth quarter (October to December).

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