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Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory Diseases


A new study’s lead author notes, however, that lack of significant effect may have been secondary to important study limitations.

Lower respiratory infections in children seem to predispose to poor adult lung function, but causation and directionality have yet to be determined.

Household bleach may not lead to COPD, as recently reported in the lay press, but a number of respiratory dangers are present in many US homes.

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A pulmonologist describes an approach to guide the primary care clinician faced with a patient in whom interstitial lung disease is suspected.

Bob is a 72-year-old male, with a 40-pack-year smoking history. He quit about 8 years ago, when severe COPD was diagnosed.

Study authors propose a new asthma patient “phenotype” in which a previous severe event is the sole predictor of another one.

Results of a recent study into the role of lipids in atopic asthma could help identify new targets for therapy.


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