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What caused this rash that resists antiviral therapy?

What caused this rash that resists antiviral therapy?

Case 4:
At 1 week postpartum, a 32-year-old woman presents with an itchy rash of sudden onset. Famciclovir, 500 mg bid, is prescribed, but the rash persists.

What do you suspect?

A. Pruritic urticarial papules and
plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).
B. Grover disease.
C. Staphylococcal infection.
D. Candida folliculitis.
E. Scabies.

Which of the following diagnostic tests would you order?

F. Bacterial culture.
G. Fungal culture.
H. Viral culture.
I.  Biopsy.
J. Potassium hydroxide examination.

Which of the following would you prescribe for this breastfeeding mother pending the test results?

K. Cephalexin.
L. Mupirocin.
O.Triamcinolone cream.


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