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Skin Diseases

EGFR Inhibitor Sun Sensitivity

Therapies that target specific pathways or proteins in cancer cells are especially noted for dermatologic events, which affect up to 90% of treated patients.

Skin Diseases

A 13-year-old is teased at school because of several coin-sized shiny spots that have appeared on both shins and will not heal. Dx?

After a few days at play on the beach, young brothers present with similar erythematous eruptions on their abdomens. Can you Dx?

Three cases of lesions often seen in primary care, 2 seen in uncommon locations. Test your visual diagnostic skills.

Lichenoid Eruptions: Lichen nitidus, lichen spinulosis, lichen striatus

Test your visual diagnostic skills with an up-close look at 3 papulosquamous rashes and see if you can make a Dx match.

Can you identify these 4 lesions seen in a primary care setting? Should biopsy be performed on any? All? Test your visual diagnostic skills.

Three men over age 50 years, three different lesions: which would concern you?

Can you identify the cause of the hyperpigmented umbilicated lesions seen bilaterally on the patient's extremities and on her back?


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