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New DTaP-Polio Combo Vaccine: Six T-or-F on Quadracel

New DTaP-Polio Combo Vaccine: Six T-or-F on Quadracel

Sanofi Pasteur recently received approval from the FDA for a new vaccine named Quadracel. It is a combination of Sanofi’s DTaP (Daptacel) and their inactivated polio vaccine (IPOL). Glaxo has a similar combined DTaP-polio vaccine called Kinrix.

Let’s see how much you know about these two vaccines. (For those of you who have started gin and tonic season a little early, we’ll make this quiz a little easier with a true-false format rather than multiple choice.)

1. Both vaccines have the same 3 strains of inactivated polio viruses. T or F

2. Both vaccines have the same 4 strains of pertussis antigens. T or F

3. Because of immune interference, both vaccines have a higher amount of polio antigen in them as compared with the inactivated polio vaccine. T or F

4. The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices states a preference that the same manufacturer’s DTaP vaccine be used for all of the first 5 doses. T or F

5. If a 7-year-old child with delayed vaccines needs both a DTaP and IPV, you can use either Kinrix or Quadracel to meet this need, thereby reducing by one the number of separate shots this child will need. T or F   

6. If an unvaccinated 4-year-old child is now going to get caught up on vaccines, you can use Quadracel but not Kinrix more than once as you get this child fully vaccinated. T or F

Please make a list of your choices, then click here for answers.


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