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The Overlooked Duo

The Overlooked Duo

Mumps and rubella vaccines—I suspect if they could talk they would express feelings a lot like Rodney Dangerfield’s—that they get little respect, their infections often overlooked alongside the deadlier measles virus. 

It’s true, they don’t get a lot of press because they are so effectively prevented by the MMR vaccine—but let's see what you remember from school about these wallflower diseases.

Following is a list of consequences of mumps and/or rubella disease seen either in the infected individual or in an infant born to an infected mother. Some may be a consequence of both diseases, others may not be related to either one. See if you can match the disease(s), A-D, with the potential consequences, 1-8. 

A. Mumps          B. Rubella           C. Both              D. Neither

Consequence Generally seen in ...
     (A, B, C, D) 
1. Pancreatitis  
2. Deafness  
3. Orchitis  
4. Oophoritis  
5. Sterility in both sexes  
6. Cataracts  
7. Spontaneous abortion  
8. Birth defects


To print this page as a worksheet, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the printer icon, as shown here. Or, use your own scratch pad. 

Please click here for answers and brief discussions.


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