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Ten-day Measles, 3-day Measles, German Measles, and More

Ten-day Measles, 3-day Measles, German Measles, and More

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My mother, born in the 1920's and now deceased, would not have been familiar with the word “rubeola,” but she had a lot of personal experience with the measles. In fact, in her world there were three types of “measles” and I remember she had 7 names for these three types. 

1. Can you match up the traditional lay term with the correct medical name?

10-day measles                                                       a. Rubeola

3-day measles                                                         b. Roseola

German measles                                                      c. Pityriasis rosea

Hard measles                                                           d. Rubella

Red measles                                                            e. Erythema infectiosum 

Baby measles

Soft measles

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