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Vacation Vaccinations Quiz: Typhoid Mary and the Taj Mahal

Vacation Vaccinations Quiz: Typhoid Mary and the Taj Mahal

As you enter the exam room in mid-May, an involuntary smile pops up on your face as you see the 4 family members awaiting your arrival. As a family practice physician, caring for the entire family is what you are all about. You check the nurse’s intake note and see that the family will be traveling home to India in August for a two-week visit with family in both urban and rural areas with a stop by the Taj Mahal. The parents immigrated to the US shortly before the birth of their first child, now 12-years-old. His younger brother is 10. They want to talk to you about the need for any vaccinations or medications. This will be the children's first trip out of the US. Everyone's vaccines are up to date per the ACIP recommendations except for influenza which none of the family has ever received.

You begin by saying everyone should be vaccinated against typhoid fever and the 10-year-old gets excited and tells you they just talked about Typhoid Mary in his social studies class. He gives you a two-minute rundown on her. She was a cook who worked for multiple families and as many as 50 persons may have died from typhoid caught from her. He said he didn't like shots but he would get one to prevent typhoid fever.

Let's see if you are as smart as a fifth grader.

What city is most closely linked to Typhoid Mary?

A. London       

B. Bombay

C. New York City

D. Boston

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