Chronic Kidney Disease

CGM-derived Time in Range Found Similar to A1c for Predicting Microvascular Complications in T2D
January 18, 2022

Use of continuous glucose monitoring to assess time in target glucose range in T2D patients was evaluated in a systematic literature review covering ~14 000 participants.

American Diabetes Association Publishes Standards of Medical Care for 2022
January 04, 2022

The ADA's annual update to its comprehensive evidence-based standards includes new guidance on diabetes screening, first-line therapies, and comorbid NAFLD/NASH.

Finerenone Reduces Risk of Incident HF in Patients with T2D + CKD in FIGARO-DKD Analyses
December 15, 2021

Finerenone, the nonsteroidal mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist, significantly reduced new-onset HF and improved other HF outcomes in the FIGARO-DKD trial.

Guideline Toplines: 2021 Clinical Focus Collection
December 08, 2021

The Guideline Toplines slide-show feature offers busy primary care physicians at-a-glance summaries of new and updated clinical guidelines across therapeutic areas.

Finerenone Slows CKD Progression Across Disease Spectrum, According to New Analysis
November 08, 2021

Finerenone was associated with a 20% lower risk of end-stage kidney disease among patients with T2D and CKD, according to authors of the FIDELITY analysis.

Hypertension, Renal, & Hepatic Disease: A 10-question Collection for Primary Care
October 05, 2021

Hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and NAFLD/NASH are frequently first diagnosed in primary care. Try these 10 questions on diagnosis and treatment of all 3.

ESC 2021: Finerenone Now Shows Promise in Less Severe Diabetic Kidney Disease
August 30, 2021

Finerenone, in patients with mild-to-moderate renal disease and T2D, reduced CV event risk by 13% and risk for a composite renal event by 23%, study authors reported at ESC 2021.

European Society of Cardiology Congress 2021: Primary Care Preview
August 26, 2021

The ESC Congress 2021, Aug 27-30, 2021, is here. For primary care, we highlight the "Hot Lines" clinical trial presentations where new data from novel trials will premier.

Finerenone Approved as First-in-Class Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease Associated with Type 2 Diabetes
July 12, 2021

The first nonsteroidal mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist to be approved for adults with T2D-associated CKD fills a significant treatment void for millions of patients.

SGLT2 Inhibitors: 4 Questions Go Back to Basics
July 08, 2021

The SGLT-2 inhibitor class, originally approved as antihyperglycemic agents for T2D, has proven "pluripotent," adding indications for related conditions. Test your knowledge of a few basic facts.