Chronic Kidney Disease

Exercise Training Program Found to Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Older Adults with Advanced CKD
August 09, 2022

In a study of nearly 100 adults with CKD stages G3b-4 and medical comorbidity, a 12-month exercise program was found safe and improved physical functioning.

Efpeglenatide is Safe, Effective in Treatment-naïve Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: AMPLITUDE-M Findings
July 25, 2022

The GLP-1 RA given once weekly to T2D patients with hyperglycemia not controlled by diet and exercise lowered HbA1c to ≤6.5% in approximately half the study population.

Chronic Kidney Disease Present in 1 in 10 Adults: Study of 2.4 Million People in 11 Countries
July 18, 2022

Chronic kidney disease is underdiagnosed and undertreated across major Western countries, according to findings of the new CaReMe CKD study.

Diabetes Patients on Medicare Advantage Plans May Not Receive Optimal Care
July 08, 2022

Medicare Advantage plans may cut treatment corners to avoid more costly but more effective and targeted therapy for diabetes patients.

Beyond HbA1c: Take a Global Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Management, Use all the Tools
July 01, 2022

Drs Mikhail Kosiborod and Neil Skolnik discuss this unique moment in the history of T2D management that offers treatments to address its broad cardiometabolic impact.

Empagliflozin Could Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
June 17, 2022

Empagliflozin was associated with a nearly 40% reduced risk of incident renal stone disease vs placebo in a large analysis of data pooled from randomized clinical trials.

How to Identify & Evaluate Chronic Kidney Disease Using eGFR and UACR: In brief
June 15, 2022

Primary care clinicians are critical to screening and caring for CKD. This "In brief" slide show reviews the 2 key lab tests used to diagnose the disease.

Finerenone Cardiorenal Effects in T2D Consistent Across Baseline HbA1c, Disease Duration
June 07, 2022

ADA 2022: The protective effect of finerenone on cardiovascular and renal outcomes was not affected by initial HbA1c levels or T2D duration in analysis of data from the FIDELITY pooled cohort.

Kidney Outcomes with Tirzepatide in T2D: Hiddo Heerspink, PhD, PharmD Highlights SURPASS-4 Analysis
June 06, 2022

ADA 2022: Professor Hiddo Heerspink led the prespecified SURPASS-4 analysis that found tirzepatide associated with a 41% reduction in risk of a composite renal outcome.

Tirzepatide Slows Renal Decline in T2D Patients with CKD in First Analysis of Dual Agent on Kidney Function
June 03, 2022

ADA 2022: Tirzepatide, a GIP/GLP-1 receptor agonist, reduced a composite of kidney events in patients with type 2 diabetes and at increased cardiovascular risk in an analysis of SURPASS-4.