10 Great Doctor Gifts Worth Giving... or, Having

In an effort to support some good-natured holiday healthcare gift-giving, editors at Patient Care® did some window shopping for you. Take a moment, take a breath, and scroll.

After nearly a year of covering COVID-19 and the pandemic's impact on you, our healthcare provider readers and your patients, the editors at Patient Care Online® are opting to offer a moment or 2 of—dare we say, fun?

To help spread a little holiday spirit, we trolled more than a few online lists of 2020's gift recommendations for healthcare professionals. We passed up the espresso machines and soft leather doctor bags in favor some more frivolous selections, some of which may prove functional as well.

Take a minute to check out our 10 gift suggestions—for a practice partner, a hard-working resident, the healthcare professional next door, or even yourself.