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Submission Guidelines for Case Reports on


We are always looking for good teaching cases, and welcome your submissions. We offer a $150 honorarium to authors whose case is accepted for online publication. All cases undergo peer review.

Please send your cases to, with these guidelines in mind:

• Write-ups and images should be original and unpublished.
• For images in which patients are clearly identifiable, a signed patient consent form is required.


Case write-ups:
The text should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages (a maximum limit of about 750 words), with references (5 at most) numbered, cited in the text, and listed at the end of the manuscript. Please include the patient's sex and age and, if relevant, race. Describe the pertinent facts in the history; presenting signs and symptoms; diagnostic procedures and findings; possible therapies and, specifically, the treatment chosen for this patient and why others were excluded. Please include sequelae and recurrence rate of the disease as well as your patient's outcome, if possible, and highlight anything unusual, noteworthy, or educational about the case.

Please include your contact information, the title of your submission, and any coauthors. E-mail submissions to:

Please submit articles as Word documents. If using another application for preparation of the text, save the file as Plain Text (extension .txt). When preparing the manuscript, please keep the format simple (ie, no hidden codes that indent the text).

Illustrations or photos may be submitted electronically via e-mail. JPG, GIF, or PNG files are preferred; however, images can be submitted in PDF or PPT format.


Susan Kweskin, Editorial Director

UBM Medica
535 Connecticut Ave.
Ste. 300
Norwalk, CT 06854

Regrettably, we find it necessary to emphasize two points:
• As a matter of editorial policy, we will not publish content that has been written by, or whose development was funded by, a pharmaceutical company, public relations agency, or similar outside source.
• All articles and case reports must be original. Although you may have written on the same subject at other times, the manuscript submitted to our websites should be substantially different.  All manuscripts are considered for publication with the understanding that they have not been published, submitted simultaneously, or accepted for publication elsewhere.