Social Determinants of Health and ASCVD Prevention: Clinical Considerations

Methods proven to prevent ASCVD may fall short in certain populations if the impacts of SDOH are not closely monitored. The ACC/AHA provide considerations for 7 health domains.


Research demonstrates that socioeconomic inequalities are "strong determinants" of cardiovascular risk throughout the world.

Members of the writing committee for the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association 2019 Guideline on Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease incorporated throughout the guideline consideration of how social determinants of health may impact the efficacy of specific guidance and prescriptions for an individual patient. ACC/AHA recommends that clinicians revisit these considerations at each follow-up visit.

Considerations include but are not limited to socioeconomic and educational status as well as cultural, home, and employment environments. The slides below highlight the ACC/AHA considerations for 7 health domains.