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Journal Of Respiratory Diseases

Journal Of Respiratory Diseases

COPD exacerbations severe enough to require hospitalization are a red flag for mortality. Preventing or delaying the second after a patient is discharged, and each successive exacerbation, is crucial to extending lifespan.

Pollution, smoking, and stress may work in concert to increase a child's risk of asthma or chronic cough, according to a combination of new studies.

CT screening for lung cancer proves as cost effective as screening for other common cancers. Listen as the head of the study speaks about the new implications for primary care.

Among the information of interest to primary care: Asymptomatic smokers may show signs of COPD, and what to do about it. How to treat obstructive sleep apnea as effectively as a sleep center. And things you may not know about inhalers.

A panel of physiological markers of respiratory function adds significantly to the predictive value of clinical prognostic factors such as forced expiratory volume and age.

Despite widespread concern about the use of these drugs for patients with asthma and allergies, a review of the evidence shows that (used as recommended) there is very little risk from introducing a steroid into the upper respiratory system on a fairly regular basis, even for a child.

As one of 17 medical organizations collaborating in the nationwide "Choosing Wisely" campaign to help doctors and patients work together to reduce unwarranted testing, the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology has made five suggested topics for discussion. Your patients with asthma and allergies may begin to raise the subject.


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