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Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse

How good are your hunches when it comes to cases of possible child abuse? Can you determine which cases need to be reported to Child Protective Services and which require a medical diagnosis? See how well you do with the 5 cases presented here.

Test yourself on symptoms of Löfgren syndrome, comorbdities of Down syndrome; complications of diabetes, and more in this week’s quiz.

Botox approved for urinary incontinence or frequency; screening for partner violence; Norovirus update; immunization schedule update; new name for PCOS?

A normal genital examination does not preclude sexual abuse.

New USPSTF guidelines call for screening of all women of child-bearing age for intimate partner violence.

The incidence of substantiated cases of serious child abuse showed a 55% decrease from 1992 to 2009, according to national data.

Swelling and redness have progressed over the past 16 hours in this 5-month-old boy. Would you consider child abuse in your differential diagnosis?
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