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Obesity in Primary Care: 12 Big Questions

Obesity must be recognized, and treated, as a disease. This special report details tools and strategies to help PCPs  optimize obesity care.

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A new study found an increase in diet-quality scores over 12 years was linked to an 8%-17% reduction in mortality.

Get a top-line review of 5 apps for the Apple watch that can help you help your patients track their exercise, fluid intake, and their interactions with you.

Results from studies on the asthma-diabetes connection are inconsistent. A novel analysis may help clarify directionality.

The link between early asthma and left ventricular hypertrophy was independent of a range of major cardiovascular risk factors.

What does a chinchilla have to do with vaccines? Ear infections? A Bandaid? It's actually pretty interesting--have a look.

ACIP recommends the zoster vaccine be given at age 60 years. That could be too late for some. And, what about this 60-year-old?

What would cause a diaper to turn pink after sitting overnight in the diaper pail? Read this case closely for the clues.

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