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Grace Halsey

Grace Halsey

Grace Halsey is Senior Editor at Contact her at this email address.

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The signs are everywhere. See if you recognize these 5 skin eruptions often seen when man gets back to nature.

Outdoor recreation is in full swing again. Here are 5 injuries you may need to identify, soon. What are they?

The combination of heat and in-home air pollutants is dangerous, but also modifiable, say authors of a new study.

See what you know about the magnitude of the shift toward novel oral anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation.

In case you missed these February headlines, here are 5 stories from around the Web of interest to primary care.

In case you missed these January headlines, here are 7 stories from around the Web of interest to primary care.

"Man Flu May be Real" reads a recent headline as reporters pick up results of a study on the impact of estrogen against influenza A. More, here.

We asked physicians what their resolutions were for 2016, either personal or professional. Here's what they said...

In this slide show we share a selection of 2015 articles by physicians that were notable for the author's message, mission, or both.

Just shy of 200,000 lives were lost in 2010 to diseases linked to sugared beverage consumption, according to a new study. Get a full summary here.


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