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Practical Guidance, Clinical Photo Archive and Headlines for Primary Care Clinicians

Migraine Therapy: Special Report for PCPs

Caring for the millions of Americans with migraine headache falls largely to primary care. We review the latest in disease management for you.


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Household bleach may not lead to COPD, as recently reported in the lay press, but a number of respiratory dangers are present in many US homes.

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Chronic renal disease is common in primary care settings and so are its comorbidities. In brief here, 5 apps you might want at hand.

Headaches that occur several days before menses as well as disabling headaches on days unrelated to menses... how would you help this young woman?

Dr Steven Nissen says statins and climate change share similar public opinion problems and suggests counter tactics.

Winter is coming and so is influenza. Does the CDC recommend Fluzone or Flulaval for pediatric patients?

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