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You'll find diagnostic and management guidance in this topic center.


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Antibiotic Rx rates and respiratory tract infections are not affected by probiotic treatment as part of routine winter infection advice.

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There is no clinically important benefit of adding azithromycin treatment to standard medical care, a study shows.

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The findings of these 2 new studies are in contrast to those of previous trials, which had conflicting results.

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The rate of events was higher in patients with late‐onset asthma—but not in those with early‐onset asthma—than in nonasthmatics.

For patients with house dust mite allergic disease, persistent symptoms are common and increase the risk for asthma exacerbations.

One-third of young adults (mid-20s) who had persistent asthma in childhood met GOLD criteria for obstructive lung disease.

About 90% of asthma patients use rescue inhalers--perhaps its because nearly 60% weren't instructed at diagnosis on asthma triggers to avoid. More results, here.


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