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Teens with Asthma More Likely to Smoke Cigarettes

Adolescents with asthma aged 13-19 years were found twice as likely to smoke as their healthy counterparts. Solutions?

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A new study’s lead author notes, however, that lack of significant effect may have been secondary to important study limitations.

Lower respiratory infections in children seem to predispose to poor adult lung function, but causation and directionality have yet to be determined.

Study authors propose a new asthma patient “phenotype” in which a previous severe event is the sole predictor of another one.

Results of a recent study into the role of lipids in atopic asthma could help identify new targets for therapy.

Results from studies on the asthma-diabetes connection are inconsistent. A novel analysis may help clarify directionality.

The link between early asthma and left ventricular hypertrophy was independent of a range of major cardiovascular risk factors.

Nicotine amounts aren't constant among cigar brands Even smokers of the same brand may be exposed to varying doses of nicotine and other smoke constituents.


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