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Teens with Asthma More Likely to Smoke Cigarettes

Adolescents with asthma aged 13-19 years were found twice as likely to smoke as their healthy counterparts. Solutions?

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May is Asthma Awareness Month and so a look at new studies highlighting key aspects of management is in order.

Prescribing has gone from underuse to substantial overprescribing. The challenge is to get it just right.

Click through this slide summary for a look at some of the more significant approvals so far for primary care.

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Risk may be reduced by about one-third in the children of pregnant women who take these supplements.

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Asthma medications reduced obesity risk. Which type of medication surprised the researchers.

The test should not be used alone to screen for asthma in asymptomatic young persons outside of the clinic.

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The combination results in worse asthma control and a variety of health and quality of life issues.


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