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Jonathan A. Schneider, DO

Jonathan A. Schneider, DO

Dr Schneider retired from the United States Navy as a Captain in the Medical Corp after twenty years of service, was the University of Florida Department of Pediatrics Chief, Division of Adolescent Medicine,  Shands, from 2003 - 2007, and is now Medical Director for the Children and Adolescent Health Outreach for St. Vincent Mobile in Jacksonville, Florida.



Posts by Author

This 12-year-old boy has had asymptomatic swellings over multiple knuckles all his life. How would you explain the condition to him?

Two young girls present with nearly identical forehead lesions and mild alopecia. Do you recognize these signs? Can you Dx?

Is the dermatology clinic seeing a "textbook" case here? What's your diagnosis?

The lesion, seen first more than 10 years ago, is larger and has changed. It has not been followed. Your Dx? Next steps?

Patient also has fever, fatigue, and nonpainful nodules with the rash, which is worse after exertion. What is your diagnosis?

This serious symptom constellation is seen in a 21-year-old man. Is it familiar to you?

Can you identify this acral eruption of a week's duration on a 3-year-old boy?

The diagnosis of trichotillomania seemed certain, despite lack of supporting history. It turned out to be about 50% wrong.

A 10-month history of progressive swelling below the knee makes this 12-year-old's case an ideal stop on the medical mystery tour.

A 14-year-old with an odd facial rash has vocal outbursts at school, especially when teased and at home when stressed. What’s wrong? Dx?


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