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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Contact him by email here.



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In contrast to the inevitability of aging, modifiable postindustrial-era risk factors could signal that the disease is preventable.

Transancestral study findings may lead to improved lupus diagnosis and treatment and solve ethnic disparities.

For older adults in particular, managing the comorbidity as well as the arthritis is needed to attain improvement.

Only a minority of postmenopausal women reported using appropriate therapy other than estrogen to reduce future fractures.

The “disease of kings” remains poorly understood and undertreated. Test your knowledge of current treatment goals.

For PCPs, now poised to play a bigger role in screening and care for patients with HCV, we highlight 10 forces reshaping the HCV landscape.

EULAR 2017: The drug also lowered the rate of joint damage progression and maintained an overall low disease activity.

Test your knowledge of the products of climate change and the health effects they may have.

Test your knowledge of the safety events that have occurred involving FDA-approved drugs since the turn of the century.

The most common chronic pain conditions primary care physicians are likely to encounter are highlighted here.


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