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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Contact him by email here.



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Controversy around dietary sugar guidelines and a study of red meat and diverticulitis top the latest research on food and GI disorders.

'Tis the season to be jolly--and laughter is always good medicine. Click through our picks for the best medical humor from 2016.

We round out our review of the CDC's 10 leading causes of death in the US with this slide show, highlighting numbers 6-10.

Test your knowledge of drugs used in primary care that received FDA approval this year.

Primary care drugs were approved in nearly every month of 2016. This top-line slide show highlights 20 you should know about.

Lymphedema is a difficult diagnosis. Test your knowledge of etiology, signs/symptoms, diagnostic clues, and complications.

CDC: Some preventable causes of death have declined, but these accounted for almost two-thirds of deaths from all causes.

Find out what you know about a common neuropsychiatric disorder by taking this quick 8-question quiz.

Test your knowledge of new American College of Physicians recommendations for improving diagnosis and management.

New evidence-based clinical practice guidelines offer some strong—and not so strong—recommendations for effective gout diagnosis and treatment.


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