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Robert P. Blereau, MD

Robert P. Blereau, MD

Dr Blereau is a family physician in Morgan City, La.



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Three cases of lesions often seen in primary care, 2 seen in uncommon locations. Test your visual diagnostic skills.

Can you identify these 4 lesions seen in a primary care setting? Should biopsy be performed on any? All? Test your visual diagnostic skills.

Three men over age 50 years, three different lesions: which would concern you?

In this diagnostic quiz: 3 photos of classic presentations of 3 different diseases in patients of 3 generations.

No labs, no biopsies, no imaging -- only your seasoned clinical judgement is required to make a diagnosis in this case.

Get an upfront view of irritating dermatologic conditions that often occur on and around the face.

What's the matter with these kids? Get a close look at and a brief overview of seven common dermatoses seen in childhood.

Would any of the 7 lumps and bumps here give you cause for alarm? Get an up-close look and a short lesson on each.


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