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Robert P. Blereau, MD

Robert P. Blereau, MD

Dr Blereau is a family physician in Morgan City, La.



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No labs, no biopsies, no imaging -- only your seasoned clinical judgement is required to make a diagnosis in this case.

Get an upfront view of irritating dermatologic conditions that often occur on and around the face.

What's the matter with these kids? Get a close look at and a brief overview of seven common dermatoses seen in childhood.

Would any of the 7 lumps and bumps here give you cause for alarm? Get an up-close look and a short lesson on each.

This lesion on the posterior neck of a young woman was present since birth and recurred after electrodessication. Can you Dx?

What is in your differential diagnosis for this lesion observed in the mouth of a 52-year-old man?

What disorders can give rise to pigmentary changes like this in an obese young man?

This lesion was treated in the primary care physician’s office. What treatment approach would you opt for?

After a “swig” of Kaopectate, this patient noticed tongue discoloration. Is this coincidental, or is there a clinical connection?

From lacy and reticular and limited to the cheeks, this rash quickly covered the child’s body and transformed into a solid rash. Your dx?


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