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Salynn Boyles

Salynn Boyles

Salynn Boyles is a Contributing Writer for MedPage Today.


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Some find new meta-analysis results disturbing; others say they underscore the need for more focused research.

British patients with chest pain who went undiagnosed in primary care had an increased risk of fatal/non-fatal CV events for at least 5 years.

Results of the NIDA teen survey sound promising but other experts maintain that even inhaling flavored vapor is a gateway to tobacco.

States are on track to spend only 1.8% of the CDC-recommended 15% of tobacco-related revenues on tobacco control programs.

Depression in COPD patients is one of the most common, yet least recognized comorbidities, with prevalence ranging from 17% to 44%.

The response to caffeine is "somewhat idiosyncratic," say authors of a new study, and the widespread belief that it is bad for the heart doesn't seem to be true.

Results of a new study found that each 20 mmHg increase in SBP was associated with a 58% higher risk for new onset type 2 DM.


A new analysis of the ALLHAT study finds greater morbidity among patients with visit-to-visit variation in systolic BP than among those with more consistent measures.

New research suggests that depression and stroke share common cumulative etiologic mechanisms.

Patients with Afib whose CHA2DS2-VASc score is 1 have a lower risk for ischemic stroke than previously thought and are not likely to benefit from anticoagulation therapy.

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