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Terry Brenneman, MD

Terry Brenneman, MD

Dr. Brenneman is the founding partner of a small, independent pediatric practice. He has a special interest in vaccines, serving as a Principal Investigator for multiple clinical trials and has given numerous talks on vaccines throughout the southeast. Medical students and nurse practitioner students rotate through his office and he was named "Preceptor of the Year" by the University of North Carolina School of Nursing. Dr. Brenneman serves on the Editorial Board of

Posts by Author

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FDA changed Flulaval's indication from age ≥3 years to age ≥6 months. The advantage? Now one size, 0.5 cc, fits all.

"My child won't be intimate before marriage," is a common parental refrain. The CDC says, don't bet on it. Do you know the odds?

Do you know how flu pandemics get their names? Find out here, as well as how the CDC is working hard to prevent the next one.

What is the CDC's new guidance on influenza vaccination and egg allergy? Make sure you don't find out from a patient.

Achilles was a Greek warrior, but did he have a vulnerable heel? Vaccines were once preserved with a type of mercury, but was it linked to autism?


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