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Drug Offers Novel Approach for Airway Diseases

For patients with asthma or COPD, PL554 has the potential to both reverse bronchodilation and reduce inflammation more quickly and with fewer adverse effects.


The combination of heat and in-home air pollutants is dangerous, but also modifiable, say authors of a new study.

But are acute respiratory events associated with a decline in lung function in smokers without airway obstruction?

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Responsiveness is consistent over the short term in individual patients but highly variable between patients.

Findings reported at the European Respiratory Society meeting point to "yes;" the effect size of decline in FEV1 may surprise you.

One-third of young adults (mid-20s) who had persistent asthma in childhood met GOLD criteria for obstructive lung disease.

Depression in COPD patients is one of the most common, yet least recognized comorbidities, with prevalence ranging from 17% to 44%.

Identifying risk, a promising mortality biomarker, and a new app for study recruitment—just a few of the latest developments in COPD research and patient care.


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