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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications

Conditions associated with long-term diabetes affect myriad organs and systems. Which one of these comorbidities is not associated with the disease?

Evidence-based recommendations on the intake of free sugars to reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases are the ingredients of a new WHO guideline. Find the recipe in these slides.

The American Diabetes Association has adopted the 2013 ACC/AHA cholesterol guidelines in its 2015 Standards of Care -- but not entirely.

The new guidelines signal a shift toward aggressive treatment for obesity as a primary disease and following with treatment for comorbidites that do not respond to weight loss.

Three-quarters of persons with diabetes will experience significant gastrointestinal symptoms. What underlies the evolution of these GI ailments?

Which one of these four liver disorders is not associated with diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes self-management training can improve glycemic control and reduce the risk for complications, hospitalizations, and health care costs. But training is substantially underused, shows a new study.


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