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The Importance of Healthy Diets in Diabetes

Three new studies provide evidence to help convince your patients about the importance of healthy eating.

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Try these 10 questions and see what you've learned during this month's special report on the nuts-and-bolts of T2DM for PCPs.

A how-to overview of how to advance therapy for hyperglycemia and ASCVD risk factors in patients with T2DM.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is critical for all patients with T2DM and their physicians.The numbers help modify behavior and Rx.

Seven top diabetes apps for PCPs include insulin calculators, Rx algorithms, comorbidity support, and patient tracking tools.

Diabetes is a progressive disease and takes advantage of inaction. How would you manage our patient Mrs Davis?

Who is at risk for T2DM? How often should you screen? What are the cut offs for Dx? Revisit the basics and meet your next patient.

Primary care physicians absorb the burden of type 2 diabetes care. Get step-by-step support with our Special Report.


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