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From white coat hypertension and resistant hypertension to diet and exercise and multiple drug therapy: you'll find practical guidance here.


Hypertension goes up more than with celecoxib in patients who are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Study: each gain of 5 kg was linked to a 17% drop in odds of healthy aging. A powerful message for young patients.

The patient with hypertension and syncope had cardiac tamponade. Causes, symptoms, and treatment described here.

A man with a history of hypertension had syncope and felt “sweaty.” Chest x-ray was normal. What’s your next test?

Have a quick look at 5 apps that track BP, estimate risk, chart DASH, just say "Ohm," and more.

Take this quick and easy quiz to test your knowledge of the latest research findings.

Only half of patients with hypertension have this dangerous condition under control. Highlights of 8 new studies, here.


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