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Quiz Seasonal Allergy

Quiz Seasonal Allergy

Try our seasonal potpourri of questions on when to avoid skin testing, the least preferred antihistamines, the worst conjunctivitis, and best add-on meds.

What is Dymista? Can autumn asthma be tamed? Do “wraparound” glasses work? More questions and all the answers, here.

Test your intel on asthma and rain, novel immunotherapy, atopy and birth season, and other allergy aggravations.

Will steroids restore the sense of smell? Where is mold a year-round allergen? What US state makes the best home for persons with atopy? Answers and more questions in our Autumn Allergy Challenge.

How long does immunotherapy protect against allergy? How often is conjunctivitis seen alone? What is the meaning of the “September Epidemic”? Answers and more questions in round 2 of our quiz.

What allergy-aggravating pollen belongs to genus Ambrosia? What do bananas have in common with ragweed? Is rhinophototherapy the next new treatment for allergic rhinitis? Find answers to these and test your allergy aptitude with a total of 7 questions in round 1 of our quiz.

Serum tryptase or plasma histamine? Montelukast or inhaled corticosteroids? Loratadine or fexofenadine? Try the final round of the seasonal allergy quiz.


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