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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

Twelve-week viral eradication rates were high in patients coinfected with HCV and HIV, particularly in those without advanced cirrhosis.

High sustained virologic response rates were seen among patients with decompensated cirrhosis in European compassionate care cohort.

Sustained virologic response was seen in 99% of subjects, reflecting rates seen in pre-registration studies. Adverse events were mild.

A modeling study compared health benefits and costs of all currently licensed treatments, both singly and in sequential therapy of up to 3 lines.

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With new direct-acting antiviral agents, a rapid virological response was observed in a majority of patients.

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SVR12 rates are high with sofosbuvir-based treatment regimens even when patients receive less than a full course of treatment.

Timing of the rise of hep C in North America is a puzzle. In this Medical News Minute, Dr Bobby Lazzara toplines results of a new study that offer clarity.


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