Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture for Acute Pain
July 20, 2022

Is acupuncture therapy effective for acute perioperative pain and acute pain in the emergency department? A review of the latest evidence, here.

Episode 16: Impact of Cannabis on Brain Health
June 29, 2022

"Primary Viewpoints," a podcast from Patient Care Online, brings you an exclusive interview with Henry Mahncke, PhD, on the impact of cannabis on cognitive health.

What’s Next in Brain Health? Lifestyle Interventions, Says One Expert
May 11, 2022

Henry Mahncke, PhD, explains why lifestyle interventions, such as diet and exercise, could be prescribed down the line to improve brain health.

When Does Cannabis Use Become Addictive? Expert Explains How to Help Patients Navigate This Grey Area
May 04, 2022

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, it is critical for clinicians to help patients safely navigate its use.

Should Medicare Cover Medical Marijuana: Medicare Recipients Respond
April 13, 2022

Medical cannabis is already popular with Medicare recipients and many fear insurance coverage will drive up the cost. Find out what else a new survey found.

Hypnosis for Chronic Neuropathic Pain: A Literature Review
November 10, 2021

In the first review of its kind, authors found encouraging evidence supporting the use of hypnosis for chronic neuropathic pain treatment. Find key results in our new slideshow.

How to Help Patients Refine a Concept of Gut Health: Two Perspectives, One View
July 16, 2021

Patients interested in optimizing their own gut health have typically tried several approaches before they ask a clinician for help. Two specialists offer seasoned guidance on what helps most.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids For the Management of Pain
April 16, 2021

The International Association for the Study of Pain recently released a statement on the strength of current research on cannabis and cannabinoid use in pain management. What did they find?

Study: Mindfulness Reduces Stress, Anxiety Among US Health Care Professionals
September 03, 2020

A new study found that brief mindfulness-based programs can reduce stress and anxiety among US health care professionals.

Marijuana Risks and Benefits: What do US Adults Believe?
August 16, 2020

The perception of marijuana's risks and benefits may be changing within the US adult population. Are you up to date?