Expert Interviews

DAPA-CKD Trial Findings Could Transform CKD Therapy
November 12, 2020

AHA: DAPD-CKD investigator Prof John McMurray talks to Patient Care about the “revolutionary” findings he will highlight at the AHA sessions on opening day.

George Bakris, MD, Lauds FIDELIO-CKD Findings, Discusses Finerenone
November 12, 2020

Finerenone, a non-steroidal, selective MRA, has distinct advantages over current treatments for diabetic kidney disease. Dr Bakris details these and the FIDELIO results.

November 06, 2020

Obesity, a complex chronic disease in itself, underlies many of the fatal cardiac and cardiometabolic diseases of the 21st century. Find a wide collection of expert guidance in this collection.

Pharmacotherapy for Obesity Should Begin in Primary Care
November 05, 2020

Video: Obesity expert Dr Louis Aronne outlines the role of medication in obesity treatment and says primary care is absolutely the place to begin.

Aspirin Reduces COVID-19 Mortality: Investigator's Insights
November 03, 2020

Dr Jonathan Chow reviews study findings that patients with COVID-19 taking low-dose aspirin had reduced risk for use of ICU, mechanical ventilation, and of death.

The Obesity Paradox: How Real is It?
October 29, 2020

Carl "Chip" Lavie, MD, author of the original book titled, "The Obesity Paradox" explains the paradox of metabolic health in the obese, how it wanes, and an essential element to maintain it.

Expert Update on Lp(a): Dr Patrick Moriarty Explains the Next CVD Target
October 21, 2020

Elevated lipoprotein A is a genetically determined independent risk factor for CVD, affecting up to 30% of the population. Phase 3 trials for the first treatment are underway.

Bariatric Surgery: Clinician and Patient Barriers to the First Conversation
September 23, 2020

A clinical psychologist from the Mayo Clinic Bariatric Center in Jacksonville, FL, explains and corrects key misperceptions that inhibit open discussion of the therapy.

Pandemic Makes Remote BP Monitoring Essential
September 16, 2020

COVID-19 has been a boon for 1 chronic disease: hypertension. Brigham and Women's hypertension expert Dr Naomi Fisher says home BP monitoring programs are expanding, at last.

How to Fine Tune Telemedicine for Older Adults
September 11, 2020

Video: How to ensure the best virtual visit for your older patients is discussed by an otologist and a gerontologist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.