ACP: DOAC Dos and Don'ts Primer with Stephan Moll, MD
May 04, 2021

ACP 2021: Dr Stephan Moll covers the basics of DOAC duration for VTE, use of anticoagulation in special populations, and perioperative use of DOACs

Early Intervention in Weight Management: Treating Pre-Obesity
April 29, 2021

Research shows that increased risk of chronic disease and mortality begins below a BMI classified as obesity. The earlier we intervene with at-risk patients, the greater the chance for success.

Bariatric Surgery Associated with Reduced Mortality in Patient with T2D, Obesity
April 28, 2021

Authors of a new study say their findings suggest bariatric surgery should be considered first-line treatment for the management of obesity in patients with type 2 diabetes.