Nonpharmacologic Interventions to Prevent & Treat Hypertension At-a-Glance
September 23, 2020

Find out how effective each of 8 ACC/AHA-recommended non-drug interventions is at reducing BP (in mm Hg) in adults with hypertension and normal BP.

Bariatric Surgery: Clinician and Patient Barriers to the First Conversation
September 23, 2020

A clinical psychologist from the Mayo Clinic Bariatric Center in Jacksonville, FL, explains and corrects key misperceptions that inhibit open discussion of the therapy.

How Do Health Risks Improve After Weight Loss?
September 23, 2020

The health benefits of sustained weight loss for persons with obesity could be a valuable topic when a discussion is opened.

Why Not Talk About Bariatric Surgery: What makes patients and healthcare professionals hesitate?
September 22, 2020

Why wouldn't a person with severe obesity want to talk about bariatric surgery? Why wouldn't the patient's physician want to do it? Find the reasons for hesitation.

CDC: Adult Obesity Rising, Racial and Ethnic Disparities Still Exist
September 22, 2020

New CDC data show 12 states had an adult obesity prevalence of ≥35% in 2019 compared to 9 states in 2018 and 6 states in 2017.

Weight Stigma Predicts Emotional Distress, Binge Eating among Young Adults during COVID-19
September 17, 2020

Youth who experienced weight stigma prior to COVID-19 were 3-times more likely to engage in binge eating during the pandemic vs those who had not, a new study found.

Metabolic Effects Comparable with Roux-en-Y vs Diet in Type 2 Diabetes
August 26, 2020

In patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, metabolic improvements were similar after weight loss induced by surgery or a low-calorie diet.

Risk of Death from COVID-19 Among Obese Higher for Men, Younger Adults
August 20, 2020

Patients with severe obesity are 4-times as likely to die from COVID-19, a new study finds, with younger patients and men with obesity at highest risk.

COVID-19 and the Disease of Obesity: A Video Series
August 12, 2020

In this 8-part video series, obesity expert Donna Ryan, MD, talks about the danger of COVID-19 for obesity patients, challenges facing PCPs of caring for this population, and more.

So, Obesity Is a Risk for Poor COVID-19 Outcomes – Now What?
July 31, 2020

If we understand how the disease of obesity compounds COVID-19 severity, how do we put that knowledge to work?