CGM-derived Time in Range Found Similar to A1c for Predicting Microvascular Complications in T2D
January 18, 2022

Use of continuous glucose monitoring to assess time in target glucose range in T2D patients was evaluated in a systematic literature review covering ~14 000 participants.

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections for Osteoarthritis: How Effective Are They?
January 05, 2022

Platelet-rich plasma, in theory, seems like a logical and potentially beneficial treatment for osteoarthritis. Our pain expert reviews 2 recent studies that are telling.

Intranasal Zavegepant for Migraine Meets Coprimary Regulatory Endpoints in Pivotal Phase 3 Trial
December 09, 2021

Intranasal CGRP inhibitor zavegepant met coprimary regulatory endpoints in pivotal phase 3 trial in adults with migraine; FDA submission planned for Q1 2022.

Drug Misuse During COVID-19: PCPs Worry Signs of Addiction Were Missed
November 19, 2021

Primary care physicians noted increased stress among patients during the pandemic and worry that telehealth visits may have hidden signs of drug misuse.

Hypnosis for Chronic Neuropathic Pain: A Literature Review
November 10, 2021

In the first review of its kind, authors found encouraging evidence supporting the use of hypnosis for chronic neuropathic pain treatment. Find key results in our new slideshow.

Sexual Function & Chronic Pain: Results of a Systematic Review
October 19, 2021

The impact on sexual function of chronic pain conditions has received little research inquiry and requires much more focused clinical attention.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: 11 Questions on Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment
September 29, 2021

Complex regional pain syndrome is often a medical challenge. Try this in-depth quiz on the etiology, the differential diagnosis, and most effective therapies.

Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women: An Overview
August 05, 2021

From etiology to treatment, get a quick review of the latest guidance for managing chronic pelvic pain in our new slideshow.

Neurology, Rheumatology, and the Gut Microbiome: Two Specialists Discuss
July 16, 2021

A neurologist and a rheumatologist sat down with Patient Care editors to talk about their focus on balance in the gut microbiome as an essential element of clinical care.

Phantom Limb Pain
June 25, 2021

Few common pain conditions have been as vexing to both patients and physicians as phantom limb pain. In our new slideshow, get a primer on prevention, treatment, pharmacotherapy, and more.