An MD with RA Speaks on Chronic Pain Rx

Liza Leal, MD knows something about pain, both professionally and personally as a patient. She lives with rheumatoid arthritis. Her personal experiences provide a unique perspective that strengthens her professional commitment to treat patients with compassion, understanding, and education.

In this podcast, Dr. Leal addresses these questions:

  • What are some effective strategies when you think your patient with chronic pain is misusing his medications?
  • Are there alternatives to urine drug screens?
  • What are the options for patients who are opioid-dependent and who want to stop or decrease medications?
  • What are the advantages of treatments such as buprenorphine, Butrans, Tramadol ER, compounded creams, counseling?
  • What are the options for managing an intervention if a family or provider feels a patient may be misusing opioid medication?

Dr Leal is the author of Live Well With Chronic Pain, which she created as a tool for patients and physicians to better communicate with each other regarding chronic pain. Her website is