Practice Management

COVID-19 Surge Meets Flu Season (plus Other Primary Care Concerns)
July 24, 2020

The summer surge in COVID-19 cases has primary care clinicians caught between re-opening safely, addressing rebound care, and planning for flu season.

FDA Alert: Hand Sanitizer Methanol Contamination
July 17, 2020

Hand sanitizer products contaminated with methyl alcohol have caused serious adverse events, including hospitalization, blindness, and death.

Medicare Use of Telehealth During COVID-19
July 17, 2020

Medicare beneficiary use of telehealth services reached nearly 9 million as COVID-19 shut down on-site visits. Will the options be permanent?

Survey: More than One-quarter of Parents Hesitant to Vaccinate Children Against Flu
July 14, 2020

Parental doubts about efficacy drive flu-shot hesitancy, according to a new survey, and impact routine vaccination rates, as well.

Physician Malpractice Data 2020: From the 91st Annual Physician Report
July 02, 2020

Data on physician malpractice rates are broken down across type of practice ownership, gender, age, geographic region, community type, and more.

TELEMEDICINE: Patient Preferences During COVID-19 and Beyond
June 23, 2020

Which of your patients will use telemedicine now? What type of care will they seek via telehealth? How many would much rather see you in person? More insights from a new survey.