Atypical Symptoms of Heart Attack Associated with 3-fold Higher Mortality Rate, New Study Finds
May 06, 2021

Atypical symptoms were most common among older patients with myocardial infarction, especially women, who called a non-emergency helpline for assistance, study authors found.

ACP: ASCVD Risk Estimation for Primary Prevention with Donald Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM
April 30, 2021

"Risk estimators do not prescribe a drug," says Dr Lloyd-Jones. They are tools to help make the decision to prescribe the drug. He explains how to use them in primary care.

ACP: Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc Reviews Advances in Heart Failure Research and Treatment
April 29, 2021

ACP: Clyde W Yancy, MD, gave a comprehensive update on a year's worth of pivotal science in treatment of heart failure. Here are the highlights.