Cholesterol Disorders

Preventive Cardiology after Framingham: Nathan D. Wong, PhD, MPH, Details the Evolution
July 28, 2021

Nathan D Wong, PhD, MPH, renowned in the field of preventive cardiology, reviewed for Patient Care the history of the field and his own pivotal contributions and also paid tribute to his lifetime mentors.

Fundamentals of CVD Risk Assessment: Guideline Topline for Primary Care
July 28, 2021

Assessment of CVD risk is the foundation of primary prevention and integral to primary care. Brush up on the fundamental tools of risk estimation from the ACC/AHA guidelines.

Pregnancy Contraindications on Statin Labels to be Removed, per FDA Request
July 23, 2021

The FDA requests removal of pregnancy contraindication from statin prescribing information based on comprehensive reviews that found no evidence of an increase in birth defects.