Heart Failure

Bempedoic Acid Meets Primary Endpoint in Key Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial: CLEAR
December 08, 2022

Approved in 2020 as Nexletol, bempedoic acid as the first ATP citrate lyase inhibitor and oral non-statin therapy to meet the MACE-4 primary endpoint.

Sotagliflozin Cuts Risk by >50% for Heart Failure Readmission, CV Death in Phase 3 SOLOIST-WHF Trial
November 09, 2022

In the SOLOIST-WHF trial, risk for HF readmission and CV death were reduced by more than 50% at 30- and 90-days after hospital discharge.

Cardiometabolic Disease Update: 12 Studies
October 12, 2022

Studies of cardiometabolic disease pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment make science news every day. Find 12 here, at-a-glance.

SGLT2 Inhibitors May be "Optimal" Treatment for HFpEF, HFmrEF, a New Meta-analysis Suggests
September 26, 2022

SGLT-2 inhibitors and drugs to treat HFrEF were compared for efficacy in patients with HF with LVEF ≥40%.

Finerenone: FDA Expands Label to Include Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial Data
September 14, 2022

Data from the pivotal phase 3 FIGARO-DKD cardiovascular outcomes trial with finerenone reaffirms the agent's dual cardiorenal risk reduction benefits in T2D-associated CKD.

Early-onset Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Significantly Increased Risk for CVD in Later Life: Study
September 13, 2022

A 5-fold greater risk for all-cause or CVD-related death in persons diagnosed with T2D before age 40 years should be a call to action for enhanced screening, study authors state.

Decline in Physical Function Independently Associated with CVD Risk in Older Adults: ARIC Analysis
September 12, 2022

Physical performance scores used as a proxy for function in adults aged >65 years improved CVD risk prediction beyond traditional risk factors, study authors report.

NAFLD Raises Risk of Incident Heart Failure with Increased Risk as Disease Worsens
August 04, 2022

A diagnosis of NAFLD was associated with a 50% greater risk of new-onset heart failure in a meta-analysis comprised of more than 11 million individuals.

Strict Limits on Salt Intake May Increase Negative Outcomes in HFpEF
July 20, 2022

Patients with HFpEF who significantly restrict salt consumption have increased risk for cardiovascular and HF events and HF hospitalization, according to new research.

Chronic Kidney Disease Present in 1 in 10 Adults: Study of 2.4 Million People in 11 Countries
July 18, 2022

Chronic kidney disease is underdiagnosed and undertreated across major Western countries, according to findings of the new CaReMe CKD study.