Stroke Patients Very Likely to Present with Undiagnosed Risk Factors
June 30, 2022

Three-quarters of stroke patients in a Swiss registry had at least 1 undiagnosed risk factor at the time of the event, most commonly hyperlipidemia or hypertension.

American Heart Association Announces "Life's Essential 8" Enhanced Cardiovascular Health Model
June 29, 2022

Slide Show: The AHA added sleep duration to its Life's Simple 7 cardiovascular health construct and updated sections on diet, lipids, blood glucose and smoking.

Time to Benefit Following Intensive BP Reduction in Adults Aged 60 Years and Older
May 31, 2022

The first study of its kind found that intensive blood pressure control may be most beneficial in older adults with life expectancy greater than 3 years vs less than 1 year.

Is There Room for TikTok in Medicine? A Young Clinician Explains
May 25, 2022

Lead author of a recent study discusses why clinicians may be hesitant to use TikTok and how social media may shape health care going forward.

National Kidney Foundation Urges USPSTF to Prioritize Screening Recommendation for CKD
May 25, 2022

The USPSTF is rumored to have moved screening for chronic kidney disease to a preventive service it is actively considering and the NFK says, "It's time."

Quality of HTN-related Videos on TikTok: Study Author Shares Findings
May 13, 2022

Lead author of a recent study sat down with Patient Care to discuss how clinicians are using the popular video sharing app and the quality of content available.

Time at Target Blood Pressure Significantly Increased with Triple Combination Pill
April 18, 2022

Patients who received a low-dose 3-drug combination pill achieved time at BP target of 64% vs the usual care group result of 43% in a post-hoc analysis of TRIUMPH.

Expanding Reach Beyond Clinic Walls is Essential to the Future of Health Care, says Investigator
April 15, 2022

SuperWIN trial findings suggest the future of successful health care depends on harnessing familiar, community- based resources to maintain health and deliver care.

SuperWIN Trial of Retail-based Dietary Interventions Wins on Many Levels: Dylan Steen, MD, Explains
April 14, 2022

Coprincipal investigator Steen highlights the first-of-its kind study and the findings—local in-store dietitian counseling/feedback, nutrition education, and online shopping savvy improve food choices, health metrics.

Antihypertensive Treatment during Pregnancy Linked to Better Outcomes, According to New NIH Study
April 08, 2022

ACC 2022: Use of antihypertensive therapy in pregnant women was associated with better pregnancy outcomes, such as preeclampsia and fetal or neonatal death.