Antiobesity Medication Added to Workplace Weight Management Program Effective in Real-world Setting
August 09, 2021

Adding antiobesity medication to a workplace weight-management program among adults with obesity was shown to significantly aid in weight loss in a real-world clinical trial.

In Patients with Uncontrolled T2D, Bariatric Surgery Associated with Long-term Improvement in Physical Domains, Diabetes-related QoL
July 29, 2021

Five years after bariatric surgery for uncontrolled T2D patients reported improvements in physical health and QoL but measures of psychosocial wellbeing remained flat.

Social Determinants of Health and ASCVD Prevention: Clinical Considerations
July 21, 2021

Methods proven to prevent ASCVD may fall short in certain populations if the impacts of SDOH are not closely monitored. The ACC/AHA provide considerations for 7 health domains.

6 New Drugs Approved for Primary Care: Q2 2021
July 08, 2021

From obesity to pneumococcal disease, we have picked the top 6 FDA-approved drugs every primary care physician should know about from the second quarter.

Primary Viewpoints Episode 10: Weight Bias in Health Care: What Needs to be Done?
July 07, 2021

"Primary Viewpoints," a podcast from Patient Care Online, brings you an exclusive interview with obesity specialist, Sandra Christensen, MSN, ARNP.

At ADA 2021, John Buse, MD, PhD, says US Must Focus on Control of Obesity, Other T2D Risk Factors
June 30, 2021

Diabetes investigator John Buse, MD, PhD, says laser focus on reducing T2D risk factors is equally as important as using the next right drug against the disease.

Inside GRADE: Exec Committee Member John Buse, MD, PhD, Toplines Study Results, Calls for More Head-to-Head Research
June 30, 2021

Dr Buse’s in-depth review of the GRADE study is followed by a discussion of the keen need for more comparative research and the many new questions the results have raised about optimal T2D therapy.

Novel Agent Tirzepatide Superior to Semaglutide in Reducing A1c, Body Weight in Type 2 Diabetes
June 27, 2021

The much anticipated results from the SURPASS 2 clinical trial demonstrated reductions in A1c and body weight with tirzepatide that were significant and superior to those with semaglutide.

Semaglutide 2.4 mg for Obesity: Investigator Toplines Clinical Trial Results, Focused on Primary Care
June 25, 2021

STEP program investigator Robert F. Kushner, MD, reviews the "unprecedented" clinical trial results for semaglutide 2.4 mg and speaks specifically to primary care clinicians treating obesity.

High-quality Evidence Minimal for Supplements, Alternative Therapies Claiming Weight Loss Support
June 24, 2021

Review of more than 300 clinical trials with products purported to facilitate weight loss found wide variability in risk of bias and data sufficiency suggesting caution among patients and physicians.