Expert Interviews

Pathogenesis and Causes of Acute Pain
August 10, 2022

Pain experts discuss the pathogenesis and factors leading to acute pain.

Burden of Acute Pain
August 03, 2022

Drs Benjamin W. Friedman, Francesca Beaudoin, Paul Arnstein, and Jeff Gudin discuss the burden of acute pain and its impact on patients’ quality of life.

Prevalence of Acute Pain
August 03, 2022

Benjamin W. Friedman, MD, MS; Francesca Beaudoin, MD, MS, PhD; Paul Arnstein, RN, PhD, FAAN; and Jeff Gudin, MD, discuss the prevalence of acute pain.

August 03, 2022

Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Key Cardiometabolic Measures Amplified by New Research
July 19, 2022

Social determinants of health, including education and income level and race/ethnicity, are drivers of declining cardiometabolic health in the US, says investigator Meghan O'Hearn.