Guideline Toplines: 2021 Clinical Focus Collection
December 08, 2021

The Guideline Toplines slide-show feature offers busy primary care physicians at-a-glance summaries of new and updated clinical guidelines across therapeutic areas.

Study: Hispanic Adults, Women, and Older E-cigarette Users Face Higher Odds of Asthma and COPD
October 20, 2021

CHEST 2021: Study shows vaping raises the odds of developing asthma and COPD, especially in older adults, women, and Hispanic persons.

New Study Suggests COVID-19 Public Health Measures Linked to Decline in COPD Hospital Admissions
June 15, 2021

A new study found public health measures designed to curb COVID-19 transmissions may have fostered a significant side benefit: reduced COPD hospital admissions.

ATS 2021: Severe COPD Exacerbations May be Associated with Increased Mortality Risk
May 12, 2021

ATS 2021: The risk of morbidity and death in patients with COPD increases among those with moderate exacerbation, and even more so for severe exacerbation, new research suggests.

ATS 2021: Researchers Project Burden of COPD Will be Worse in 2050, Especially in US
May 11, 2021

In an abstract being presenting at the upcoming ATS 2021 International Conference, researchers estimate that by 2050 the US will lead the Americas in prevalence of COPD.

ATS 2021: Triple Combination Therapy May Benefit “Wide Spectrum” of Patients with COPD
May 11, 2021

American Thoracic Society 2021 International Conference: In a subset of patients from the ETHOS study, triple combination therapy was found beneficial for those with moderate COPD.

Extended Exposure to Air Pollution Raises Hospitalization Risk in COVID-19 Patients with Pre-existing Respiratory Diseases
April 20, 2021

Patients with asthma or COPD living in areas with high levels of air pollution are at an increased risk of hospitalization if they contract COVID-19, suggests a new pilot study.

ACP Guidance on Antibiotic Use: 4 Conditions Ideal for Short-course Treatment
April 06, 2021

Longer antibiotic treatment courses can often be safely and effectively shortened, according to the ACP guidance; 4 common conditions serve as examples.

Biologic Therapy for Asthma & COPD: 8 Questions on Targets, Pathways, & mAbs
March 24, 2021

Research into biologic therapy for asthma and COPD has been both successful and frustrating. Find out what you know about the progress with these 8 questions.

COPD Outcomes Improve with Triple Therapy, Regardless of Exacerbation History
March 11, 2021

Post-hoc analysis of the phase 3 KRONOS study concluded that the benefits in COPD exacerbation seen were not driven by the small subgroup with a prior history of exacerbations.