Kidney Disease

SGLT2 Inhibitors Enter Vast Treatment Void for High-risk CKD Patients
December 08, 2020

Patients with chronic kidney disease have had no treatment options to slow the certain progression to renal failure. Enter SGLT2 inhibitors. A key clinical trial investigator explains.

DAPA-CKD Investigator: "PCPs Should be First-line Prescribers of SGLT2 Inhibitors"
December 03, 2020

Primary care clinicians should be the first to prescribe SGLT2 inhibitors for many reasons, as explained by Prof Jonathan McMurray in this Patient Care interview.

Professor John McMurray Highlights DAPA-CKD Trial Outcomes
December 02, 2020

DAPA-CKD investigator Professor John McMurray details the trial and renal and cardiovascular outcomes for Patient Care Online.