Medical Cannabis

Study: Younger Cannabis Users Nearly Twice as Likely to Report Heart Attack
September 13, 2021

New research suggests frequent cannabis use can raise the risk of myocardial infarction in adults younger than 45 years.

New Review Urges Screening for Cannabis Use in Heart Patients
January 22, 2020

A new review found >2 million US adults with heart disease have either used marijuana in the past or are current users. 

Young Marijuana Users May be at Greater Risk for Stroke, Arrhythmia
November 11, 2019

Two studies to be presented at the upcoming AHA annual meeting found that young cannabis users are at greater risk for stroke and arrhythmia. 

Drug Use & Abuse: 10 Qs to Decipher
March 20, 2019

Sample: In 2017, >70 200 drug overdose deaths occurred in the US. Approximately what percentage of those deaths involved an opioid?

The "Pot Socks" Sign
March 21, 2018

Sudden onset of difficulty breathing, dry mouth, and stiff, swollen neck and throat. . . what diagnostic clue do the patient's socks offer, and what action should follow?