The IBD-Cancer Link: 3 Key Questions
May 04, 2015

There is a lot of new information about the link between various malignancies and inflammatory bowel disease. Here: answers to 3 key questions.

Spotting Melanomas and Mimics: A Photo Quiz
March 15, 2014

As the incidence of malignant melanoma continues to rise, so does primary care physicians’ need to identify pigmented lesions for early detection. Take a look at these presentations to test your knowledge.

Melanoma Within a Congenital Nevus
January 01, 2008

A 48-year-old Hispanic man had a tender, bleeding growth within a darkly pigmented plaque on the right flank. The pigmented lesion had been present since birth; it was previously asymptomatic. The tumor arose out of the mainly flat patch 6 months earlier and had slowly enlarged. The patient worked indoors, wore sunscreen daily, and generally avoided outdoor activities. He had no family history of skin cancer.