Men's Health

Eating Disorders in Men
September 24, 2017

"Bigorexia" is the male version of anorexia nervosa. Could you spot it in your practice? More about being a man with a "woman's disorder" in these slides.

Is Erectile Dysfunction a CVD Equivalent?
July 10, 2017

The answer, and the evidence behind it, are essential knowledge for primary care.

A Patient's Journey: Me and My 'Lame' Cancer
June 01, 2017

A 69-year-old in an active surveillance program asks what the revised USPSTF position on PSA testing means for guys like him.

Testosterone Test: 8 Stimulating Questions
March 09, 2017

Does treatment for older men have beneficial effects for other health issues? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Testosterone Revisited: 6 New Degrees of Separation
March 01, 2017

The primary male sex hormone connects with a variety of health factors, and therapy could have positive effects. A quick look at 6 new studies.

Patient Goals Should Figure Prominently in Tx Discussions
October 31, 2016

Wanted: Physicians who will interact with patients the way a good financial counselor would.

8 Questions About Prostate Cancer
July 18, 2016

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of new findings for an age-old problem in men.

More New Cancer Facts in the News: If Your Patient Asks, Part II
June 30, 2016

More meeting highlights from ASCO in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment--in case your patient asks.

10 New Facts about Prostate Cancer
June 23, 2016

Slide Show: Get top-line results of 10 new studies on the most common non-skin cancer among US men.