Oral Medicine

Treatment-Resistant Annular Rash
October 25, 2013

Antifungal creams haven't made a dent in this intermittent rash. What is this lesion?

Strategies for Protecting and Treating Immunosuppressed Patients
October 23, 2013

Awareness of medical conditions and drugs that can suppress the immune system or cause other complications is key to providing safe and appropriate care for immunosuppressed patients. Details here.

Parents of Overweight Children Do Not Perceive the Health Risks
October 23, 2013

Parents with overweight children did not perceive the extra weight as a health risk.

Use Peanut Butter to Sniff Out Early Alzheimer Disease?
October 23, 2013

Peanut butter and a ruler may turn out to be tools that offer an inexpensive, sensitive, and specific olfactory means of screening for Alzheimer disease. Details here.

Opioid Overdose: New Demographic Data Reveal Related Comorbidities
October 22, 2013

A significant proportion of patients who visit emergency departments (EDs) with opioid overdoses (ODs) also suffer from comorbid mental health disorders, circulatory diseases, and respiratory diseases, according to the results of a new study presented on October 14, 2013, at the American College of Emergency Physicians annual meeting in Seattle.

Pneumatosis Intestinalis Triggers Pneumoperitoneum
October 22, 2013

Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalisa rare condition, is characterized by gaseous cysts within the submucosal and subserosal spaces of the bowel wal

Viral Hepatitis: A Quiz
October 22, 2013

Here: 5 things (at least) you may not know about human viral hepatitis.

Dietary Assessments Valuable for Crohn Disease Patients
October 22, 2013

Diet diaries and food frequency questionnaires are both effective tools to capture important patterns between food items and symptoms of IBD.

To Many Patients, “Clinical-ese” Might as Well Be Greek
October 22, 2013

When it comes to the prostate, most men in this study couldn’t locate it or identify its function. Translation: patients and physicians don’t speak the same language. Clinicians need to be “bilingual” when they’re talking with patients.

Clostridium difficile: Which Test to Order and How Often?
October 21, 2013

Which test should you order if you suspect Clostridium difficile infection-and how often do you check the stool for the C difficile toxin? Here: the answer-and explanation.